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  • Version 2024
  • Almost giving up on the project started in 2000, I decided once again to gain courage and create this latest version of this great dream.
    Today the Tourist Routes is part of the world´s largest tourist information sites, but is the only one that is not owned by any economic group.
    The Tourist Routes is the culmination of a dream of those who, over the years, without any training in technology could create and develop this great project.
    This version took 6 months to complete.
    Project: Antonio Martins
    Systems Analysis: Antonio Martins
    Design: Antonio Martins
    Data base: Antonio Martins
    Programming: Antonio Martins
    Web Servers:Paulo Rodrigues
    Contents: Antonio Martins / Cristina Nascimento
    Translation: Antonio Martins / Cristina Nascimento
    Photographer: Antonio Martins
    Videos: Antonio Martins


    There are more than 12 million links with diverse information that make Rotas Turística a world-renowned tourist information space.


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  • History of «Touristic Routes».
  • The idea of creating a space tourist information in an organized, and easy to consult, was born in 2000, when we are taking the first steps on the Internet.
    In early 2000, and Jose Antonio Martins Bazelga, they got the first digital camera, still using a floppy disk recording system. The first pictures were made, and the attempt to create the first portal. How, they had little knowledge, it was not possible to achieve the objectives. But, as the will persists, the project was, waiting for better days.
    In 2008, Andrea Lopes and António Martins, they decide to take a trip through the American continent, with the aim, to go from Ushuaia to Alaska. Began the preparations, was created a website for the trip, and, also been acquired, the audiovisual equipment, already with some quality, but without much experience in its use.
    The journey began in November 2008 and it was during the trip from Fortaleza to Ushuaia, the experience has been gained, and beginning to write the travel diary, while illustrated with photos and video.
    3 months later, in northern Argentina, Troller motor «broke», and the journey was interrupted.
    That´s when we realize that a large number of people (in 1500), have followed our journey because we are asked, when will resume the trip.
    This manifestation of interest in our trip gave us the strength to carry out our project.
    Having prepared, the new Troller, starts again, the trip from Fortaleza, bound for Bolivia, back to the point, where he stopped, at previous trip.
    It was during this trip, that, Antonio Martins, begins to create, a more professional version of the portal, near to the format, which was thought in 2000.
    Once again, the journey was interrupted, but the Touristic Routes project began to take shape and gain more readers and more people interested in traveling, through the photos and videos from Touristic Routes.
    During the period, between November 2008 and August 2011, Antonio Martins, Andrea Lopes and Jose Bazelga, they photographed, and filmed, in 35 countries, to give content to Touristic Routes.
    In March 2011, started the final format, of the tourist routes, and, finally, was made possible, to launch a project, that, was conceived, analyzed and prepared, for more than 10 years.

  • Have participated over the years
  • Programming of the first versions: Antonio Martins, Paulo Rodrigues, Luis Miguens António Martins
    Andrea Lopes
    Ana Borges
    Vanessa Moreno
    Cristina Novais
    Nadja Cavalcante
    Delia Gómez
    Antonio Villegas
    Edmundo Lopes
    Paulo Rodrigues
    Luis Miguens
    José Bazelga
    Pedro Machado
    Maribel Segura
    Ingrid Berbesi
    Marilen Rodrigues
    Mary Carmen
    Odilia de Freitas
    Reina Gonzalez
    André Guerreiro
    Angela Martins
    Natália Martins
    Keane Thecia
    And many others who have been kind enough to send us information of all the world.

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